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Imagine a work environment that values technological innovation, respects integrity and stimulates enthusiasm. A place where you get a chance to do great work and collaborate alongside some of the brightest people you have ever met! 

Virtusa provides a platform for open discussion and debate. Our people policies are constantly updated to meet the evolving needs of our employees. We conduct an annual "Global Team Member Survey" to capture employee feedback on important issues. Our transparent environment also provides an interactive HR portal for employees to send their comments or address their queries with a prompt and openly published response. 

At Virtusa, you will find an environment that allows you to explore and map a dynamic career path tailored to your personal goals, and a supportive community of professionals working together towards real opportunities to positively impact our company, partners, clients and their own careers. We offer a truly collaborative work environment based on a "People Excellence" model. 

Virtusa has led a paradigm shift in software development, by setting highest standards for Engineering Excellence. We invest in best-in-class infrastructure to enable our employees in optimizing their efforts to achieve greater client delight. Our employees have the opportunity to be part of a team influencing and providing thought leadership on cutting edge technologies to Fortune 500 companies and industry leading software firms. 

Virtusa offers a well-balanced work style that reflects our philosophy of work hard and play hard. We offer recreation and work-out facilities for employees to socialize, build relationships, and collaborate in informal, recreational settings with team members. There are various social clubs at VirtusaPolaris that organize fun-filled and collaborative events and provide opportunities for co-workers to build common bonds. 

We strongly support and encourage professional growth. VirtusaPolaris provides a framework as well as a set of tools and technologies for team members to advance their knowledge, expertise, competency development, and education. Our commitment to aligning individual career aspirations with our organizational goals provides the foundation for professional development.

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