Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer


Site Reliability Engineer

Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, US

Job Category:  Technology

Site Reliability Engineer 

T2 / T3


Job Description :

  • 4 years of software engineering experience
  • Site Reliability experience is a must.
  • Breadth of infrastructure knowledge is required. Master in one of the below areas, but good understanding and should be willing to learn other technologies.
  • Someone who does infra operations, but think in terms of engineering and application also.
  • Should be able to talk application language. This is needed so that they are able to interact with different Client application teams.
  • Experience designing, debugging and running fault tolerant large-scale distributed systems
  • Experience with creating and improving documented procedures and/or playbooks.


 Good to have:


 Automation, Cloud& PCF Experts (Configuration Management & CICD)/ Cloud & PAAS:


  • Experience working with public cloud platforms (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc.)
  • Experience with high level programming languages (Python, Go, Java, etc.)
  • Knowledge of open-source configuration, orchestration, and CI/CD tools.
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes, PCF and/or Docker.
  • Deep understanding of Cloud Architecture and Operations
  • Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills
  • Experience with tools & technologies such as Prometheus, Grafana, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, Splunk and Moogsoft is a plus.
  • Experience handling large numbers of diverse systems with configuration management systems like: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, or Salt.
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