Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant

Location: Montreal, Quebec, CA

Job Category:  Delivery

This position is with the Tech and Ops position is with a team responsible for a set of systems used to manage IT inventory and assets data, together with their configuration and operational state.
This data is critical for regulatory, operational, and efficiency purposes.

Sourcing IT inventory and machine data e.g. logs, alerts in a timely manner.
Storing the data in scalable repositories
Providing analytics tools to analyze and derive insights from the data.
Providing data access APIs so that other applications can consume the data and insights. As a Data Analyst, you will be working with business users, developers and other data analysts in analyzing and onboarding IT inventory data into the official platform.

You will be responsible for the collection of information and requirements from customers, as well as for data modeling, data wrangling, data onboarding and data analysis.
You will also be responsible for providing data insights to customers and to drive data quality improvements.

Five to Seven years
experience working as a business analyst or similar role
Experience working directly with data consumers to fulfill their needs
Strong networking and collaboration skills, particularly with other teams
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Ability to work independently
Strong experience of SQL and relational databases
Strong data modeling experience
Knowledge of Unix environments

Knowledge of BI or Reporting platforms e.g. Tableau, Qlikview
Experience with Agile or DevOpsExperience with Python
Experience with data integration frameworks and concepts
Knowledge of data center and IT inventory equipment
Knowledge of data governance and master data management concepts
Experience navigating large or complex IT environments and infrastructure

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