Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant


Senior Consultant

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, US

Job Category:  Delivery

                     Very good understanding of Event-processing pipelines using Kafka, Java, Zookeeper, Hadoop, Spark, Scala, S3, Spark Streaming.

                     Hands experience in writing code for Producers, Consumers, Event processing with in Kafka, Spark streaming. Good hands on experience in building applications using event driven framework with Kafka.

                     Able to install new Kafka clusters and troubleshoot Kafka related issues in production environment with in given SLAs.

                     Work in Big Data Environment and familiar with Big data tools like Spark, Hive, Hbase etc.

                     Familiar with Cloud deployments and other AWS tools like S3, Kinesis Streams, Kinesis Firehose, AWS connect etc.

                     8 years of experience in building large scale enterprise integration implementation and web services and Microservices etc.

                     Using and developing event driven frameworks and REST services using databases, both RDBMS and NoSQL (e.g. Hadoop, MongoDB, etc.) Development experience with Java.

                     Hands-on experience in Java, Rest API, Kafka, Elasticsearch, SQL, AWS.

                     Hands customer facing experience supporting external developers in complex partner integration projects.

                     Work in a fast-paced agile development environment

                     Fine tune Hadoop applications for high performance and throughput

                     Troubleshoot and debug any Hadoop ecosystem run time issues

                     Understanding enterprise Hadoop environment

                     Ability to use JSON and/or XML formats for message. Able work with Avro, parquet formats.

                     Ability to work as part of a Scrum team, following SAFe agile practices

                     Strong communication and collaboration skills Should be comfortable working in a rapidly transforming organization

                     Knowledge of version control such as Git / Bitbucket and Jenkins for builds Understanding of how to integrate code into automated deployment pipelines with CICD

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