Senior Leadership

Quotes from Senior Leadership

“We are a well-known company with a strong brand, and yet every individual can make a material contribution to the business. Every day our team members apply innovation to help our clients reimagine their business models and improve their business operations. It’s really stimulating to work in an environment where you are not only empowered, but expected to make a difference.”

Kris Canekeratne
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer




“A race is not always about winning, it’s about the journey and the hard work that gets you to the finish line. Building a successful global organization starts with your team members. Providing the necessary tools, encouragement, motivation and support will allow each team member to make a direct contribution and be a part of that journey. Our team members are the culture of the business and their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion drive our business.”

Sundararajan Narayanan
Chief People Officer